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Dipankar Srigyan, Joboje Atish

Published in 2010
No of pages : 168 (with maps & black & white pictures)
Publisher : Prantik
Price : Rs.80.00

Available in College Street Book Market of Kolkata, like, Dey Book Store, Mahabodhi Book Agency etc.

Life story of Dipankar Srigyan (982-1054 AD). Born in Bengal as Chandragarva in a royal family, left home to became a Buddhist Tantrik monk. He was ordained by the Great Buddhist Acharya Shilrakhshit and was renamed Dipankar Srigyan. At the age of 31, he left for Sumatra in a perilous voyage that lasted for two years, to become a disciple of Acharya Dharmakirti. On his return after 12 years in Sumatra, he was requested to be the head of Vikramshila Vihara by the Pal king. He was also associated with several other Vihars.

At the age of 59, he started for Western Tibet via Nepal, as a royal guest, to preach Buddhism in that country. After 3 years in Western Tibet, he made an attempt to return home but could not do it. He spent his remaining life in Central Tibet and died at Nethang, near Lasa, at the age of 73.

The first such book as an attempt for greater details in Bangla.

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Arup Khajuraho (Immortal Khajuraho)

Published in 2009
No of pages : 192 (with 160 black & white pictures)
Publisher : Anuvab Prakashani
Price : Rs.100.00

Available in College Street Book Market of Kolkata, like, Dey Book Store, Mahabodhi Book Agency.

Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, is a pride of medieval Indian Architecture-Sculptures. About 85 Temples were built by Chandella kings around 9th to 11th century with exquisite sculptures engraved on its walls, some of which now survive. The temples came to be more famous as epitome of erotic sculptures which is not entirely true. Sculptural Beauties non-erotic surpass erotic ones in number & quality.

The book describes in some details sculptures, engraved on temple walls, Kandariya Mahaheo, Lakshmana, Vishawnath, Parshanath etc. with numerous black & white pictures alongside narrations.

The book is a must who want to visit the temple in some details and enjoy superb artistic skill of our Indian Sculptors.

First Bangla book in such details of this kind.

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Hiuen Tsanger Bharat Vraman (Huen Tsang’s Travel  in India)

Published in 2008
No of pages : 160 (with maps & black & white pictures)
Publisher : Anuvab Prakashani
Price : Rs.60.00

Revised Publish in 2009
No of pages :176 (with maps & black-white pictures)
Publisher : Prantik
Price : Rs.80.00

                                  Available in College Street Book Market of Kolkata, like, Dey Book Store, Mahabodhi Book Agency.

The famous Chinese Traveler & ardent Buddhist monk, Hiuen Tsang (602-664 AD), who left China against the order of Chinese king secretly, at the age of 27 years, from Chang-an through Central Asia in a historic journey to India, the land of Great Teacher, Lord Buddha. All he wished, was to learn Buddhist religion from its origin soil & visit sacred places. Reached India 2 years after all kinds of hardship & life-risk along the famous Silk Route via Turfan-Kucha-Samarkand-Kunduz-Bamian-Kashmir.

Stayed in India for 12 years, studied under many teachers in different monastries, specially under the Great Teacher, Shilabhadra at famous Nalanda. Traveled almost all over India, Karnasuvarna-Tamralipta-Kalinga-Maharastra-Malava-Ujjain, to name a few, ignoring all hazards. Once he was held for sacrifice in an alter by dacoits. Attended Great Festival of King Harsha Vardhana, at Kanauj & Prayag, before leaving India.

Journeyed back again through central Asia following slightly different route, via Taxila-Kashgar-Khotan, at the age of 41 years. Reached China in 645 AD & engaged in translating manuscripts collected from India for the rest of his life. His Travel Account contains valuable information about ancient Indian civilization & about Central Asia.

The book in simple language narrates his eventful travels and his wonderful life. This is the second attempt in Bengali literature after decades.

Widely applauded by common readers.

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Dharma Bhavana Vigyan Bhavana (Religious & Scientific Thought)

Published in 2006
No of pages : 160
Publisher : Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha
Price : Rs.50.00

Available at Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha.

Religious Way of Thinking contradicted Scientific Way of Thinking all through our civilization. Truth established by scientific research, marginalized & reshaped major Ideas proposed in our different Religions. The domain of each is different which need not clash. Two different formats of Creation as per various religions & Science, have been explained.

The clash of ideas between Religion & Science lasted for centuries & described in modest details over several chapters, inspired by Bertrand Russell’s ‘Science & Religion’.

Observed modern religious thoughts in western countries & views on this Religion-Science issue expressed by some great men.

Leave science to explore its reality about this world.

Let religion work for good of the people in its own ethical & moral principles.



Pralya Danab Tsunami (Tsunami The Great Devastator)

Published in 2005
No of pages : 56
Publisher : Nath Publishing
Price : Rs.20.00

The Great Disaster was caused by Tsunami of 2005 around several countries surrounding Indian Ocean. With some account of its devastating loss, the book presents geological explanation of origin of Tsunami & Earthquake with regards to Plate Tectonic theory.

Written in simple language for general knowledge to common people & students.

Widely popular.

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Sagore Mandire Nilachal (Nilachal with Sea beach & Temples)

Published in 2005
No of pages : 143 (with sketches & 16 color pictures)
Publisher : Nath Publishing
Price : Rs.70.00

Puri, the most beloved tourist spot in Orissa, by Bengalis, is also called Nilachal. Apart form its wonderful sea beach, Nilachal Puri abounds by several tourist spots around the temple city.

Just not peeping from Puri, one should stay at the Odissi capital at Bhubaneshwar to visit architecture & sculpture of Odissi temples evolving at different ages right from 6th century to 13th century. One should visit temples like Parashurameshwar, Baital, Mukteshwar, Rajarani, etc., apart from well-known Lingeshwar & Udayagiri-Khandagiri caves.

The world famous Sun Temple of Konark is also described in some details.

The book essentially narrates places of interest in Puri, Bhubaneshwar & Konark, with special emphasis towards its history & temple arts. It presents author’s long personal experiences of the area, that may appear quite common to most of the travelers, specially Bengalis.

Reasonably Popular.



Kumaun Vraman (Travel in Kumaun)

Published in 2003
No of pages : 110 (with maps, charts & pictures)
Publisher : Anuvab Prakashani
Price : Rs.40.00

Parts of Himalayan Uttaranchal is known as Kumaun. The book accounts for travels into several places of interests, Mayavati, Thalkedar, Pithoragarh, Jageshwar, Bageshwar, Binsar, Kaushani, Nainital & others, scattered in this Kumaun region. The most wonderful was the visit of Pancha-chulli on the backdrop of Full Moon of Kojagari at Munshiari while enjoying the hospitality of Martolia Family. It is a travelogue with a different taste.



Vaishno Devi Amarnath Darshan (Visit to Vaishno Devi & Amarnath Cave)

Published in 2002
No of pages : 96 (with maps, charts & pictures)
Price : Rs.40.00

Travel Account of visit to the famous shrine of Vaishno Devi. Also visited wonderful & cool places like Dalhousie, Chamba & Khajiar of Himachal Pradesh.

Followed by another travel account of one’s long-cherished wish to visit Amarnath Cave. The journey was a life-long experience, though the travel began with an accident. The description of the journey has become as vivid as the journey itself, as per readers.

Reasonably popular for the Amarnath story.

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Ishwar Devta O Srishti  (Almighty God, Devas & Creation)

Published in 2001
No of pages : 197 (with maps, charts & pictures)
Publisher : Nath Publishing
Price : Rs.75.00

Available at Nath Publishing / Nath Brothers.

Our early civilizations of Sumer-Akkad-Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Kannan etc. viewed their gods & devas in different ways. Each had their own story of Creation of this World.

Our religions in Iran, China, Japan proposed their gods & explained Creation of this World in different ways. The most specific description of Creation came from Old Testament, the Bible, which is the common source for Jews, Christian & Mohammedans. Views expressed in Vedas, Upnishads & Puranas are presented in greater details.

Why there were so many Gods & Devas in so many areas at different ages? Where they all have gone? Why the idea of Creator has not become unique, except some unifying ideas?

In contradiction, when Science took up its stride, it began to explain Creation of this World and evolution of Human being from early hominids. That eventually almost demystifies all religious theory of creations. Science has the right to explore its creation within its methodology but it cannot say anything about a Creator. That’s not in its rationality.

Various views of some of our Great Men on the subject, were presented in short. The book tries to present all such views in easy language for common reader.

Under revision.

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Kargil Kashmir

Published in 2000
No of pages : 136
Publisher : Nath Publishing
Price : Rs.50.00

Available at Nath Publishing / Nath Brothers

War at Kargil waged in 1999-2000 was described under the backdrop of historic conflict over Kashmir between India & Pakistan. The present War is the continuation of the old conflict that arose along with our Independence.

Readers are free to form their objective or subjective views on the issue but must have some reasonable basis of facts.

The book is being revised after decade old victory of Kargil War that is found beset with some controversies.



Pearl Harbour

Published in 1998
No of pages : 190 (with maps, charts & pictures)
Publisher : Sambarta / Nath Publishing
Price : Rs.60.00

Available at Nath Publishing / Nath Brothers.

The book is being revised with maps, charts, pictures of ships & war heroes under the title of “Pearl Harbour 1941”. Expected to be published very shortly

The US Naval Base, Pearl Harbor, was attacked by Japan on 7th December, 1941, in the middle of 2nd World War. It was a surprise attack, achieved moving a strong naval armada of aircraft carriers, some 3500 miles away from Japan in the mid-ocean of Pacific.

The Planning was brilliant and daring. The execution was managed to achieve the desired surprise by Japan. US, till then not directly involved in War, was found slumbering. Result - US Naval Base was crippled in a way that the day was marked as ‘the Day of Infamy’. Japanese loss was minimal.

Military Planning & Execution of this Air-attack with political background of US-Japan relation, was studied in great details.

First such book in Bengali.

A Popular Story