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The Story of Creation (Science/Philosophy/History)

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The story of Creation easily captures our mind. Men and women at all ages enquired about how this World was created? Its answer is the most difficult one if we wish to be realistic, rational and scientific.

The creation can be made out of something like a painter or a writer or a builder does. They create something anew out of something. We cannot create something out of nothing. In our daily life, we always find a producer behind every production or creation. Can we put the same argument in the case of Creation of this World? To explain Creation proper, we have to go for a Creation out of nothing. We do not really find any Creator sitting behind this Creation somewhere in Heaven or Earth unless we wish to believe it.

We find all around our Great World containing our Great Nature. It is materialistic and exists in its own way, on its own sweet will. We have to understand the Creation itself as a whole. How complex and grand is this Creation? Once created, it evolved into enormous physical complexes and into living Nature, working as natural systems. We face questions like, how we came to exist, how this world diversified and organized into complexities. We want to know about the origin and evolution of this Creation, about galaxies and stars, about our Solar System and living world and about emergence of our species Homo sapiens. The purpose of our study is to explore this World of Nature in essential details.

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Pearl Harbor 1941 (War story/History)

The prestigious US Naval Base, Pearl Harbor, was attacked by Japan on 7th December, 1941 to join the 2nd World War. It was a surprise attack, achieved moving a strong naval armada of aircraft carriers, some 3500 miles away from Homeland in the mid-ocean of Pacific. The Planning was brilliant and daring. The execution was managed to achieve the desired surprise. The mighty US, till then not directly involved in the War, was found slumbering. As a result, US Naval Base was crippled in a way that the day was marked as ‘the Day of Infamy’. Japanese loss was minimal. Military Planning & Execution of this Air-attack with political background of US-Japan relation, was studied in great details, first in Bengali language. The book has been revised with maps, charts, pictures of ships & war heroes from “Pearl Harbour” published in 1998.

A Popular Historic Story.

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Belur Theke Badami (From Belur to Badami - Travel)

It is journey from Mangalore, through Badami-Pattadakal-Ihole, Hampi-Vijaynagar, Belur-Halebid of Karnataka where a colourful chapter of history begins from 7the century till 13th century. The places are rich in sculptures and architecture of extra-ordinary fineries during the Medieval Period. The trio, Badami-Pattagakal-Iohole, in north Karnataka, represent the age of early civilization of Chalukya Kingdom. Belur-Halebid has produced finest craftsmanship of artistry of Hoyasal Kingdom while Hampi-Vijaynagar of Vijayanagara kingdom. Patttadakal, Hampi, Halebid are recognized as World Heritage Sites.

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Chander Desh Ladakhe (In the Moonland Ladakh - Travel)

Ladakh, the Moonland, is situated north of great Himalayn Range and west of Tibetan plateau. Its land feature and climate is different from Indian subcontinent, culture rich with Tibetan heritage of Mahajan Buddhism, in the eastern end, with frinzes of Aryan civilization and Muslim invasion. Travel to Ladakh is an adventure.



Rajgriha Parba (The episode of Rajgir - Travel)

Rajgriha was the capital of Pre-Mauryan era, flourished during the time of Buddha and Mahavira. It is a sacred place to all Buddhists as well as Jainas. The famous Learning Centre Nalanda, the Pabapuri, the sacred Hindu tirtha Gaya and the place of Bodhgaya where Lord Buddha attained Bodhi, can also be seen. The story begins around 1964. The place has been revisited several times.

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Vramaner Nana Galpo (Collection of short travel stories)

Beginning from 1964 to 2010, it covered many places like hills, forests, soft trekking, etc within our country. Only one travel story in Bangladesh has been included. 

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Nana Prabandha (Collection of essays)

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